Then are calling,

  • Voices

I wish I could fit with the rays of smiles and laughter 

I wish I could sit gently on the milestones with no fear

With the leaves that fall, if I could dance on the blizzards of cold winter

Like the morning dew if I could just watch me calmly disappear 

Like the rocks that don’t seek summer,

If I could just pass this winter, then you can call me a “traveller”!

  • Desires

The voices of call are sometimes so mild and feeble, yet they are roaring voces if the storm.

Call from distant, yet so loud, so clear!

Walking along with jumbled maps that tangle you, with confusions so frustrating,

Who does that?

But The paths that guide you to the destination are not always the journeys you desire.Getting lost in the wilderness has it own uniqueness, it’s very own beauty.

Whatever the fuss is,

Journey is Journey!

sometimes you walk pathless journeys, you make your own path.

And sometimes You walk the loneliest way and I promise you’ll  get the true companion, gauranteed.

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